Pharmacology Department

University Of Pharmacy, Mandalay

  1. Cardiovascular pharmacology
  2. Pharmacology of CNS
  3. Renal Pharmacology
  4. Pharmacology of GIT
  5. Drugs used for bronchial asthma,Drugs used for treatment of cough
  6. Histamine and antihistamines, Ecosanoids, Vasoactive polypeptides
  7. Study on commonly used drugs available in Myanmar and Pharmaceutical Care for giving those drugs



 At the end of the course of instruction, the learner should be able to:

  1. correlate the actions of drugs to their untoward effects, for the purpose tackling therapeutic problems; in particular, making appropriate choice of drugs
  2. describe simple experiments to illustrate the principles of pharmacology and to interpret results from these experiments
  3. describe the drug interactions which enable them to advice to the user
  4. acquire awareness of  the hazards of improper use of drugs
  5. acquire awareness of the capabilities and limitations of  different drug preparations, in consideration with the choice of appropriate drugs is made
  6. describe the sequential steps of pharmaceutical care given to a patient


Lectures should be more focus on pharmaceutical care including Geriatric care.