Pharmacology Department

University Of Pharmacy, Mandalay

General Pharmacology

  1. Drugs /Uses of drugs /Route of administrations
  2. Pharmacokinetics LADME system, Transport mechanisms, Absorption: rate & extent, Plasma protein binding,Termination of drug action, Biotransformation Drug metabolizing enzyme, Excretion
  3. Pharmacodynamics Qualitative aspect of drug action, Mechanism of drug action, Drug receptor interaction, Synergism & antagonism, Quantitative aspect of drug action, Dose response relationship,Type of drug effect,Type of adverse reaction,Drug dependence,Drug toxicity,Laboratory test for toxicity
  4. Variability in drug responses, Pharmacogentics
  5. ANSPharmacologySympathomimetics,Sympatholytics,Parasymapathomimetis, Parasympatholytics, Ganglion blocking agents, Neuromuscular blocking agents


The Learner should be able to:

  1. describe the basic principles of  pharmacology include pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion ) and pharmacodynamics (quantitative and qualitative aspects of drug action )  
  2. describe the adverse drug reactions and the basic principles of toxicology of drugs
  3. describe the simple experiments to illustrate the principles of pharmacology and to interpret results from theses experiments



Same as current course.