Zoology Department

University Of Pharmacy, Mandalay

Daw Ohnmar Kyaw

B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc(Zool),B.Ed

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

History of the Department

When Institute of Pharmacy, Mandalay was established in 2000. On 7th February 2000, the former head Daw Khin May Ohn became Lecturer and Head of Zoology Department of Institute of Pharmacy, Mandalay. In 23rd December2001, Daw Khin May Ohn transferred to Institute of Pharmacy, Yangon.

            On 24th December 2001, Daw Khin San Win became Lecturer and Head of Zoology Department of Pharmacy, Mandalay and then in 20th January 2009, she transferred to University of Medicine, Mandalay.

            Daw Ohnmar Kyaw (Lecturer and Head) has taken the duty of Department head since November 2009.Zoology is taught as subject only to the first year undergraduate students.